Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chico Ejiro confession

The prolific movie producer and director recently revealed his weakness
"air" he also mentioned writing his will before embarking on any trip.
hmmmmm, deep i think

"I have phobia for flying, if I am to fly tomorrow, I will lose some weight today. Before I even fly, I will drink a bottle of Red Label or Hennessey. To be candid with you, I write my will before I fly. Even to fly from Lagos to Abuja, I am dead on the plane. Most times, I enter bus to Ghana, Cameroun etc because of the fear I have for flight. I have been to America twice and I have got visa 10 times but the fear of fear debar me from honouring the rest.” He said.
He needs to chop some liver *warri accent*


  1. lol! flying phobia

  2. As in ehn, to the extent of writing his